The sky was blue, the sun was shining, thre was a giant fire was burning down the twin towers, it was a per- OH NO! the twin towers are burning! we just got news that a huge jet crashed into the twin towers! Many fire-fighters are on the field and in the tower. We all thought it was a accident, then we saw it. ANOTHER plane! this is no accident! It was a terrist attack. then the towers started crumbling. Then…WWHHOOSSHH

the pumpkin patch

once upon a time there was a pumpkin patch. there were torn up pumpkins,round pumpkins, brown ones too! and there was 1 farmer. He was proud of his pumpkins. BUT one day there were these big ol’ geese. they torn up all the pumpkins.THAT made the farmer so upset he cried. he wanted back his pumpkins. but there was 1 pumpkin left. he was happy

life in 5th grade

My life in 5th grade is somewhere between easy and medium. I’ve learned a lot since 4th grade so this is way easier. We sometimes get to go into the woods describe and illustrate the ecosystem.We have about 5 diffrent classes. 2 of my classes are math.The easiest class easiest class to me is science class
Ever since i came to 5th grade, i’ve loved to read.